Termination/Reduction-in-Force Support

Employment terminations are messy and unpredictable. Keep a volatile situation from crossing into violence.

Discreet or Evident

INPAX | GPS provides highly trained, quiet professionals in your service, who know how to achieve protection while minimizing impact, who can fit in as easily on a playground as a boardroom, and who can blend in or stand out, as the situation demands.

For the times when you need a professional lifeguard...


Discreet, professional security is an essential component of the protective continuum - particularly in delicate, high-stakes situations.

Yet the needs of executive, dignitary, and celebrity protection often differ greatly, necessitating a flexible approach by seasoned professionals who know the difference.

Armed & Unarmed Close Protection Operators

Professional, discreet protection staff to safeguard principles and their families.

Facility Security

Qualified guards maintain and protect your establishment.

Event Security

Temporary staff to add an extra layer of security to high profile gatherings.

Close Protection

Seasoned, Quiet Professionals

Close Protection Services